KarbonMRO was established as a testament to our commitment towards driving sustainability and the de-carbonization of our beloved aviation industry. The future of air mobility relies on each and every one of us doing our part in ensuring the eco-system and corresponding value chain achieves net-zero emissions by 2050 – and this is only possible if we take action today.

Here, at the Dviation Group, we are truly excited to be in the front-row seat, witnessing the development and subsequent entry-into-service of next-generation aerial vehicles that come with the promise of safer, quieter, more comfortable flights and, most importantly: zero carbon emissions.

Kevin Teoh

Managing Director

De-carbonizing aviation requires a combination of new technological solutions and a sustainable eco-system – to produce and operate aerial vehicles with low environmental impact.

In that token, KarbonMRO’s vision is to enable the future of Air Mobility – through the delivery of specialized engineering & maintenance solutions for the next generation of aerial vehicles.